Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Improving customer value via social media

Following up on our introductory blog: let’s discuss helping customers obtain value from the Apps and services we deliver through the use of social media.  To communicate to our customer base in addition to email we employ social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn groups and facebook.  In the energy efficiency space the use of specific LinkedIn groups enables customers to respond to RightSlope posed questions and informational updates – in addition provide feedback to other group members. 

For example our Appliance Search App requires a lot of data population and the coverage of our data is key to value.  The original idea for the app came from an energy efficiency company in New England. After scoping out the project and writing some prototype code we asked a larger community on LinkedIn for need - the response was positive, we then built a demo version for testing.  The response to the demo was great and several reviews were published publicly on the group.

The customer advantage is similar to crowd sourcing they can validate the application has broad appeal and will be improved via multiple input; by querying a social media group they get unfiltered feedback direct from other customers.  The process is successful by involving as many customers and advocates in an open forum format via social media - customers get unvarnished validation and we get open feedback by customers who want to participate in the process.  The end result is an Application that meets the needs of a broad customer base.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introductory Blog

Hi everyone, welcome to RightSlope’s kickoff blog.  RightSlope is a technology company, with the mission to help our customers increase and retain their customer base.  We provide both technology services and Apps; enabling us to engage customers with multiple value propositions. 

We deliver into two vertical markets, Energy Efficiency and Retail – in these markets we help our customers close sales opportunities by delivering Apps and services.  Our energy efficiency App ASA – helps energy auditors complete an audit on site enabling better customer service.  In the retail space one of our offerings is discounting strategies; providing localized store by store variations.  This capability helps retailers to customize discounting by store and down to the individual customer level.  Better discounting improves revenue and customer service.